Market Evaluations for Parking

Market evaluations show that current valet parking operation and traffic flow provide an indisputable platform for pre-qualified impressions that are extremely desirable to current advertisers at a less expensive CPM rate than traditional advertisement platforms.

Visual Podiums will be positioned to continue expansion while promoting our superior brand of podium advertising, through contracting withindividual parking companies, and creating partnerships with national advertising companies.

Develop strategic relationships and contracts with large parking companies nationwide.

Launch 5000 Valet Podium by December, 2017

Partner with national advertising companies.

Generate sales revenue over $60 Million Annually. ($5 Million / Month)

These business plan of valet podiums are good if you are looking to increase the revenue for your business. I will suggest you start with the trial first and then proceed to see which plan best suits your needs. You may want to go for the leasing option or maybe for the purchase it all depends on you. Both are a good option.

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Digital MarketPlace World

The world has transitioned into a digital marketplace. Magazines have gone to a digital format, we use online banking, we read the latest book stand1using an e-reader, and keep in touch with family using social media on our phones.  In this digital age of advetising potential, it makes ever-increasing sense to invest in a digital campaign. Even though traditional marketing still has a place, it is continuously diminishing in our digitally based world. For today’s businesses, it has never been more important than now to make use of current technologies as a means of interacting with a consumer base. Digiads provides a unique solution that locates prime advertising real estate and custom tailors marketing content specific to location.

Digiads will
gain the marketplace by supplying over 10,000 podium for sale to the leading parking companies across the United States. In exchange for the free leased equipment, the parking companies are required to sign a 3-5 year equipment lease contract, per podium. This establishes our advertisement platform and ensures ownership of the marketplace from any future competition. Each valet company will receive a 10% profit sharing of the revenue created by the advertisement, as well as an additional 10% to the business it represents.

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